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"I'm most impressed by my astrology reading by Alison Haines.
This clear and precise interpretation, gave me many deep insights into my talents and challenges, it has been such a revelation, I now know what to focus on and develop for personal and professional success in this life. 
I was and I  still am  amazed by this reading. Thank you Alison." Ms EC 


 "Alison read my birth chart...I was totally overwhelmed by how insightful, inspiring and reassuring her words were..." Mr W.

‘I am blown away! that was the BEST consultation I have ever had. Finally I understand literally my whole life, all the pieces are clicking into place, I can’t thank you enough ..’  CV 

"...everything made so much sense, even down to every last detail about me, my thoughts, aspirations, the lot..." Ms PD

"Alison's knowledge is incredible..., a gem and well recommended..." Ms RT

"...a great source of spiritual strength and support for which I cannot thank nor recommend her enough..." MK

"...presented with empathy and integrity..., has made a difference to my life, hopes and dreams..." Mrs LP

'Alison is amazing. I have had hundreds of readings before I met her and this one ranks among the best' - KL

'Wow, where do I start. Actually, first of all YES, if you’ve been contemplating having a reading with Alison this is your sign to stop what you’re doing right now and book on with her!! That was THE MOST accurate, bob on reading I’ve ever had' - PD

'I've had a few readings over the last year from Alison and she's fantastic, she picks things up that I know she doesn't know, she's straight to the point tells you what you need to hear' - LM

'Wow and wow! I just had a listen and it was unbelievable! So spot on, my mind is actually rather blown. I was in a low spiral and I feel it's just fallen away. Thank you thank you thank you.' HM

'The readings I have received over the past 5 years have been consistently perceptive, very accurate and a great source of reassurance. Alison's no nonsense approach allows for real clarity and focus. Thank you - your insight is invaluable to me' - BD

'Uncannily accurate and very reassuring. This lady is very talented' - AT

'Her Tarot readings are so amazing & accurate, helping me make sense of my past, present & future; feeling spiritually cleansed by the whole experience, thank you' - Mrs B

'Thank you Alison, I can't tell you how much your readings have helped me' - CJ

'Lovely to speak with you again, your guidance has kept me going through a really tough year' - LW

'Would just like to say a massive thank you, my reading was incredible and I will be highly recommending you' - JC

'Once again, your accuracy was spot on, thank you' - PL

'Your readings are brilliant and really helped me when I needed it most, thank you so much' - MP

'Your readings have helped me so much, from my heart thank you' - BN

'Huge thanks for today, it was very helpful and reassuring, I really appreciated everything you highlighted' - EL

'As always, your accuracy was really good' - Mrs H

'Alison has taught me for both Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 . It has been a life changing experience; Alison is brilliant at supporting you & giving you the confidence to achieve your aims. I’ve learnt loads & I am still learning. Highly recommend Alison.' - Sam H

'I felt comfortable with Alison from the outset; her readings have guided me through some choppy waters & have been spot on' – Pam, Brighton.

'I have had several readings from Alison & they are always detailed and very accurate. Love her work. Thanks Alison' - LW

'My girlfriends & I absolutely loved our evening with Alison. Alison came to our private party & throughout the evening saw 11 of us for tarot & ribbon readings. We were all really impressed with the readings which have made a lasting impression. For me personally, Alison provided an incredibly accurate insight into my past & present & offered excellent guidance on the future. Thank you Alison!' LS

'Just amazing, she gave me advice & guidance which I really needed. She knew so much about my life even though we had never met. She is currently teaching me Reiki & I believe this will also help me on my future path. She always makes me feel comfortable and she is fascinating' - Ms J

'Alison has taught me level 1 & 2 in Reiki and I'm now just finishing my Reiki Masters & my Teaching qualification. Alison is very approachable & will always help you through. The way in which she taught made you feel very relaxed & at ease. The course taught me so much about myself & my life, & my life has changed because of it. I would highly recommend Alison because she teaches from the heart & is very passionate about what she does' - AP

'Alison delivered the information I needed to hear gently, sensitively and clearly' - Miss RN

'Alison provides wonderful Reiki training which I have had the pleasure of completing' - RWS

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