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Astrology Readings

When you purchase an astrological reading, you are not only paying for the consultation time itself but also for the time and effort your Astrologer has to put into detailed research and analysis of your chart(s), plus preparing notes in advance of your appointment. Please bear in mind that in order to give you the best service, a considerable amount of prior work must be completed by me. Thank you.

Revealing the hidden information in your astrological chart gives you the knowledge and insights which will enable you to fully understand who you really are, your motivations, your strengths, find your vocation, understand your relationships, make consciously informed choices, and bring authenticity and balance to your life.

My astrology consultations can be flexibly tailored where we work through your relevant chart(s) at the pace you feel is right for you.

With each consultation you will receive a printed copy of the relevant chart(s)

1. Natal Chart Analysis £95 (90 Minutes)

An in-depth and comprehensive interpretation of your natal chart, revealing aspects of you such as your motivations, strengths, needs, challenges, relationships, vocation, growth potential and more.

2. Natal Chart Analysis and Upcoming Transits £120 (Up to 2 Hours)

An in-depth chart interpretation revealing hidden aspects of you such as your motivations, strengths, needs, challenges, relationships, vocation, and more PLUS how the next 12 months of planetary movements will likely impact your chart and your life, giving you advance awareness of potential developments in your life.

3. Upcoming Transits 12 Months Ahead £75 (1 Hour to 90 Minutes)

A stand-alone session solely addressing how the next 12 months of planetary movements will potentially affect your chart and life.  

4. Any Follow-Up Session £50 (1 Hour). Suitable if you have had a prior reading with me of any type and you would like to look into something in more detail, or to discuss anything to supplement a previous consultation.


5. Specific Topic-Centred Reading £75 (1 Hour to 90 Minutes). A session where we focus solely on any particular topic of your choice; for example: 

Career - What is your vocation? What job or career would suit you best? Where could you earn or increase your income?  

Love Life - Is your romantic relationship developing as you'd like?  What are the strengths and challenges in this love relationship? How can this romance/partnership grow? 

Family Ties/Friendships - Are you struggling in your relationship with one or more family members? Having issues with friends? Do you feel different, unheard, or weighed down? Do you long to understand or improve a family or social connection? 

Your Astrology Consultation can take place:

In person at your home (depending on distance) or other preferred venue;

OR online via Zoom (an invite link will be sent to you in advance and a recording of the consultation emailed to you);

If  neither of these are suitable, I am very happy to discuss other arrangements.

Due to the work required of me in order to process your chart analysis thoroughly ahead of your consultation, please assume a wait time of approximately 3 to 6 weeks from booking.

Consultation length can vary! When booking please allow up to 2 hours regardless of which reading you have booked.

Please note payment is to be made at time of booking; details of how to pay will be sent to you at the time. 

To book your astrology consultation please contact me by:



OR by TEXT/PHONE on 07875409642

and provide the following information:

Your name, contact details, and your birth date, location and an accurate time of birth.

Also please state your preferred choice of reading. We can then make your booking in the best way for you.

If you have no birth time, don't panic!  Chart readings are still possible; I will discuss this with you and may require a small amount of other information from you ahead of your consultation. 

If you are unsure of which reading to choose, or have any queries, you are welcome to contact me at any time to discuss it, with no obligation.

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For all bookings and enquiries;

Text or phone: 07875 409 642



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